Term Paper on Comparison Of Ideals Of Monks And Friars

Term Paper on Comparison Of Ideals Of Monks And Friars
Term Paper on Comparison Of Ideals Of Monks And Friars
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Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) was born into a wealthy family at Assisi, Italy, the son of a cloth merchant. Francis received little formal education and during his youth was mostly preoccupied with having fun. He was a popular and charming young man and enjoyed practical jokes and was usually the life of the party. He belonged to the era in history that is today known as the medieval history that was the age of the crusades to the Holy Land, in which faith and political ambition both played an active role. The England of this era and the rest of the world saw the dual power structures of super powers that controlled the political, social and religious lives of the residents of this era.

Jocelin of Brakelond’s Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds gives interesting accounts of the incidents and events that took place with St. Edmunds and his views and encounters with the monks and the friars and the kings and others. The medieval era was marked with the powerful presence of church, monasteries and the monks. The role of monks has been also that of historians due to their position whereby they were better able to note down details as they were among the power circles. They were also acceptable as historians due to the perceptions of their honesty.

The typical role of monks was as the historians of the Middle Ages. Initially the monks used brief annals in which they recorded unusual events, such as famines or cold winters, and the death of great men. They noted the crusades and the chronicles dealing with the history of the world from the creation down to their own day. In the larger convents, where kings and nobles were frequent visitors and where the abbots took an important part in the events of the day. With the mention of monks there is the essential mention of the chronicles.

These superpowers were the Holy Roman Emperor who led the Roman Empire and the Pope who led the Church and its powers. The medieval history is marked by the sacred and the profane significantly influencing the religious roles of the civilization. The medieval history religion was coupled with the politics and it was in this collaboration that they decided their respective roles in the exercise of their powers across the church and the kingdom. Monks had fear of punishment form any misdeed conducted by man with respect to religion.

Jocelin discussed the abbot Samson and the events taking place at Bury St Edmunds roughly from 1173 to 1202. There were extensive economic affairs of both the abbey and the convent in this period.

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