Term Paper on Flappers

Term Paper on Flappers
Term Paper on Flappers
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The Sexual Revolution of 1920’s was immediately followed by the image of the flapper. What was flapper? In fact it was a powerful individual and was truly liberated. It was a deviation from the old Victorian ways. She wore bright red lipstick, her hair was bobbed, and the cloths wee fashionable. Smoking of cigarettes and consuming of alcohol was her way of life.

According to a person of older generation Scott F. Fitzgerald in his essay Echoes of the Jazz Age states that the “adolescents during the confusion of the War” were considered “the generation whose girls dramatized themselves as flappers, the generation that corrupted its elders and eventually overreached itself less through lack of morals than through lack of taste” In the opinion of Fitzgerald the flapper really emerged during World War I. By 1926 the flappers became so popular that they become a universal symbol and young women, it did not matter good or bad, wanted to emulate.

The sexual, economic and political freedom of women was increased by World War I, industrialization, urbanization, suffrage and birth control. As a result of all these happening were expected to take the role of both flapper and wife. However, their newfound power and independence did not provide them extraordinary opportunities in the society and their place in the society was still not defined.

In the World War I all men were needed for armed forces and women’s labor became a wartime necessity. In fact 1.5 million women were engaged in paying jobs during the war. This economic freedom and freedom from the household works provided the girls of that age a new way of life. They were called flappers. She could be compared with the heroine of the Jazz Age. She preferred short hair and a short skirt. She also liked turned down hose and powdered knees. To their mothers they were sort of repels who where no longer confined to home and hated tradition. A typical was a young woman who looked a little fast and even to some extent brazen. The older generation was always complaining that they were offended by the flappers. It was an old tradition that the women always worn long hair, but the flappers were modern and they wore it short. Make-up was used at any time or place. Even it was applied in public. Their dresses were baggy and were such designed that the arms and part of the legs were visible. Flappers were not only symbolizing a revolution in fashion and mores but they were also embodying the modern spirit of the Jazz Age…..

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