Term Paper on Marketing Strategy Types

Term Paper on Marketing Strategy Types
Term Paper on Marketing Strategy Types
Marketing strategy is the process businesses use that allows them to focus their strengths and limited resources to pursue opportunities and avenues that will increase their sales and give them a competitive advantage in the market.

Available to businesses are various marketing tools and models that they can make use of to devise and implement a marketing strategy. Term paper marketing strategy types may have been assigned to you in your Marketing, Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing and Planning or Strategic Management course.

A term paper marketing strategy types will test your understanding and knowledge of the wide variety of marketing strategies available to companies and organizations. The list of strategies below will prove useful for term paper marketing strategy types. You will find a number of various marketing strategies that can be used to accelerate a business and secure greater market share.

Some marketing strategies focus on market dominance. The goal is to gain market share and ultimately emerge on the top with the greatest share of the market. There are 4 main strategies to adopt in this case; Leader, Challenger, Follower, Nicher.

A term paper marketing strategy types must mention Michael E. Porter as he is one of the greatest marketing strategists in the current era. He devised the generic strategies framework in 1984 that holds 2 alternatives with 2 scopes. These are Product Differentiation and Cost Leadership strategies. You should discuss these strategies with the aid of a graphical representation of the theory.

Then comes the list of innovation strategies in your term paper marketing strategy types. This particularly deals with the firm’s speed in new product and service development and business model innovation. The use of new technology, better supply chain management and new ideas is pressed here. The 3 types in this category are Pioneers, Close Followers, and Late Followers.

Finally, you can mention growth strategies in your term paper marketing strategy type. This basically determines how a firm should grow and the path it should take. These growth strategies are Horizontal integration, Vertical integration, Diversification and Intensification.

For these various strategies, one should supplement the term paper marketing strategy types with statistical and numerical information that shows the practice and validity of these strategies. Furthermore, you can give examples and cases of companies that have succeeded and risen through the market ranks with the implementation of such strategies.

Remember to provide references and citations where you mention company names and financial data. This enforces the validity of your research and reflects well on your work ethic.

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