Term Paper on Green Building Advantages

Term Paper on Green Building Advantages
Term Paper on Green Building Advantages
Another term for green building is ‘green construction’ or ‘sustainable building’. The idea behind this kind of construction is to create environmentally friendly structures that use nature-friendly construction processes.

A term paper green building advantages must realize that the goal in this school of thought is to respect the surrounding and the fact that resources are limited and dwindling world – wide. As a writer on this topic, you must display your understanding of this type of construction and the goals and benefits derived from it.

The following portion will help you in writing a term paper green building advantages. Keep in mind that this term paper takes on an argumentative writing structure, so you must present both sides of the argument. This means you will have to present the disadvantages as well, but spend more time researching and writing about the advantages. This is what the professor of your course will look at.

Start by getting the disadvantages out of the way. It is important to include the disadvantages as it reflects well on your thoroughness and the ability to turn in a balanced term paper. Some common disadvantages are included below:

1. Cost – the cost of production is very high, this pushes up prices.

2. Standardization does not exist causing inconsistencies

3. Lengthy implementation time.

The next part of your term paper green building advantages should focus on discussing the various advantages of such construction philosophies. The benefits are listed below.

1. Energy efficient – green buildings use techniques to reduce energy expenditure. The use of high efficiency windows, insulated walls, solar designs and so on are considered.

2. Water efficiency – this construction emphasizes on the reduction of water consumption and the enhancement of water quality. Therefore water is preserved keeping the future in mind.

3. Materials efficiency – the raw materials that go into constructing this design are derived from sources that are in abundant supply and much of it is recycled. This includes lumber, recycled metal, bamboo, recycled stone, and so on.

4. Waste and reduction is also of paramount concern which should be mentioned in your list of term paper green building advantages. This form of construction looks to reducing wastage especially during construction and cleanup.

These are the main points and factors that should be included in your term paper green building advantages. You can support the advantages by including research material and studies that highlight the benefits of each factor. Proof read your work before submission.

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