Rogerian Argument Topics

Rogerian Argument Topics
Rogerian Argument Topics
Rogerian Argument is a form of essay that focuses on solving problems by acknowledging the opposing point of view and firmly convincing the audience to your point of view. There are various ways to present your case or argumentation about a certain topic. The Rogerian argument topics look for ways to find common grounds and come to a consensus rather than stir a challenging debate. I have made a guide and jot down a few points that will help you with your Rogerian argument topics, as well as facilitate you to come in common terms with your reader or adversary and persuade him or her to your perspective of the argument.
You should begin your Rogerian argument topic by discovering the common grounds of the topic that you share with your opponent. You should know and understand your adversaries and their argumentation on the specific topic, so you can develop your counter-arguments properly. Also, like in any debate, you need to start off with being crystal clear on what you represent.
One way to start your essay is to tell the differences and then come to a compromise. But I suggest that you should try to formulate similarities, engage the reader or audience and win their confidence, and then gradually proceed towards your standpoint. The idea here is to familiarize the reader with the topic without initiating a debate.
Among the many Rogerian argument topics available to you, you should start off by giving a brief introduction to the issue at hand and demonstrate that your adversary’s perspective is comprehended. You should provide evidences that support your reader’s position under a particular context. This should then lead you to incorporate the supporting arguments of your core stance. However, you should take precise consideration that you do not present your viewpoint so as to directly contradict your opponent position on the topic.
At this point of your Rogerian argument essay, you should present your main points and your case openly, stating the clear incompatible arguments between you and your adversary. Then you should provide evidences and supporting arguments that show the reader that your standpoint is more valid and sound. You should explain the reader in a persuasive, balanced tone that their position is weak, and how consorting to your viewpoint is beneficial for them. You may also highlight areas where one of your argumentation is weak and other is strong, and vice versa, and work together to complement each other deficiencies.

Last but not the least you should understand that the thesis comes in the end and not in the introduction. You should conclude your Rogerian argument topics by briefly reiterating your main arguments, highlighting the common grounds. The essence of any Rogerian argument topic is to spot these common grounds and then exploit them in your benefit. Stating directly your position in the introduction will only upset your opponent and will fail to link them with your line of reasoning.

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