Protein Engineering Term Paper

Protein Engineering Term Paper
Protein Engineering Term Paper
Protein engineering is the procedure of developing constructive and helpful proteins. It is a joint effort of combining biological, chemical and structural principles in an attempt to explore and harness molecular interactions and various protein functions. Though it is a relatively new concept, it is gradually and steadily gaining momentum while setting trends and standards in the biotechnology industry.

A protein engineering term paper requires the student to display a thorough, 360 degree understanding of the field. It tests a student’s ability to conduct relevant research from reliable sources and produce a convincing analysis on one of its many areas. The tips below will help you start and produce a protein engineering term paper.

To start off, you can discuss the various strategies used for protein engineering. Primarily, there are two techniques. They are rational design and direction evolution. Scientists can use either or both strategies together to engineer protein.

In rational design, scientists make use of the comprehensive knowledge about the function and structure of protein and make changes to protein molecules accordingly. Whereas, in the direct evolution method, a process of changing the proteins’ genetic makeup is applied to select and pick variables with desired qualities. Write about these techniques in your protein engineering term paper by providing illustrative examples and guides.

You can also write about the importance of protein design and how that determines the outcome of protein engineering. This is actually a critical stage of protein engineering. In your protein engineering term paper mention the list of software created for protein design, such as Iterative Protein Redesign and Optimization.

There is considerable scope for protein engineering in the field of industrial biotechnology. It has proved useful in the modification and stability of industrial enzymes from lipases to proteases. It has made significant progress with agro-food technology, detergents and chemistry. The health care industry has received its fair share of benefit in terms of developing vaccines and therapeutic proteins. These are important areas where protein engineering has made contribution which you should definitely mention in your protein engineering term paper.

This has given rise to a number of protein engineering companies such as Genentech, Gotz, Genencor and so on. List their work, accomplishments and progress in your protein engineering term paper. This will provide readers with a practical example on the applications and scope of protein engineering.

Remember to include references and citations in your term paper on protein engineering as it is a technical topic which requires validation and verification. It will also reflect well on your work ethic.

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