The Campaign

“Sooner or later, I need to begin to do what any candidate does in a presidential race; I need to begin to win.”
- Lamar Alexander

If you’re reading this post, you have more likely decided that studying abroad may be beneficial for you.

But before you start rushing to hand in school applications and acquire transcripts, an assessment of one’s eligibility and a consideration of what it takes to be studying abroad are in order.

No, I am not necessarily talking about having awe-inspiring intellectual prowess. Being a genius is not the primary qualification here; but rather, the willingness to accept change, to risk and to put in the work necessary to achieve one’s academic goals.

The question you have to ask yourself before you start putting money into your academic campaign is…”Are you an ideal candidate for a scholastic career abroad?”

Assess yourself…

A. Your comfort level…

* Am I open to change?

* Do I like taking risks?

* Am I uncomfortable in unfamiliar territories and situations?

* How do I usually deal with the new and unfamiliar?

* Am I willing to leave my family, friends and comfort zone behind?

B. Your academic career and interest…

* Am I ‘academically fit’ to pursue an education abroad?

* Do I know what field I am going to pursue abroad?

* Do I have an inkling as to what schools and/or universities I plan on going to?

* Do I know what kind of program I want to enroll in and for how long am I planning to be staying abroad?

C. Your means and advantages…

* Do I have a passport?

* Have I ever travelled abroad?

* Am I familiar with the country I am going to? Have I been there before?

* Do I have friends, family or a support system in my country of choice?

* Do I know how to speak the native language of the country I am choosing to go to?

* Am I financially capable or do I have financial backing (such as, parents’ aid or scholarships) to pursue an education abroad?

* Do I have a financial plan in order to support myself while I am away from home?

These questions may give you a clearer understanding of where you currently stand as a candidate to becoming a student abroad.

However, though some of these questions may stun you into numbness, you need not worry. An ideal candidate is not only someone who has answered ‘yes’ to all the right questions; but rather, the ideal candidate can also be one who is willing to transcend the seeming barriers.

As I’ve said, the ideal candidate for an education abroad is willing to accept change, to risk, and - most importantly - to put in the work necessary to achieve his or her academic goals.

So, if you’re ready to accept change, to risk and to put in the work - let’s head off to the campaign trail to drop off your name in the ballot box.

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