Write poetry essays that explore the mindset of the poet and his ideas too

Write poetry essays that explore the mindset of the poet and his ideas too
Write poetry essays that explore the mindset of the poet and his ideas too
Most students believe that an interest in poetry makes you all dreamy-eyed and deep in thought most of the time. Though this might be true to a certain extent, it is necessary to understand that poetry is a component of life and literature that one cannot do without. In continuation with this line of thought, a poetry essay is an equally important facet of learning that one has to master. Of course, if you are a student of literature, the need to know about writing essays on poetry is more acutely felt.
Essay writing on poetry could be on a variety of topics; here are some ideas you could use
1/- Poetry writing techniques

In the last couple of years, the writing of poetry seems to have become more a free form of expression that anything else. This has led to the view that just about anything can be viewed as poetry. If you are planning to write a lengthy essay on how these techniques have changed over the last couple of years, you would need a lot of documents to support your statement. You could then write a DBQ essay on poetry and present the reviews you have made on these changing techniques.
2/- Epic poems

There are quite a few poems in various countries and languages that contain or relate complete sagas of a long list of characters. Beowulf is one such masterpiece that you could think of. Studying these poems could be challenging; writing poetry essays even more. It is necessary for you to spend a lot of time studying the background of these poems, the plots and subplots and the essence of the poem too. Though many such poems are biographies, you cannot write a mere biography essay if you are referring to the subject of a poem.
3/- Poetry appreciation

Understanding the poem indicates that you have just reached the halfway mark in appreciating it. You need to know more about the historical influences within the poetry and the era and context in which it was written. In short, one needs to know more about the poet, the time he lived in, the society he wrote about and much more. You would also need to know the relationship between the poem and its relevance to the present day to make your poetry essay effective. It could also be a relationship essay with specific reference to a poem and its various associations.
4/- Poetry as an integral part of Literature

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, no course on Literature is complete without a thorough study of poetry. Whether it is World, American, African American or Asian Literature you are studying, poetry is a significant part of this study. Often a poem can be a better storyteller than a novel. Therefore the study of poetry is an integral part of literary learning.

Take time to read and understand a poem before you begin to write an essay on it. Poetry essays can be effective only when you are able to get under the skin of poet and understand the message and the essence of the poem thoroughly.

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