Critical lens essay

Critical lens essay
Critical lens essay
Persuade readers to accept your viewpoint in well written critical lens essays

Looking at a problem through a unique perspective – this is what a critical lens essay contains. You need to be concise and focused when you write this. Any critical lens theory essay is one wherein you are trying to get the reader to look at the whole issue from your point of view. The lens is yours and you are looking through it critically. This is a technique that is commonly used in the study of English Language and Literature. You can find assignments based on this kind of essay writing in many exams at college and university levels.
The features of an essay that is based on the critical lens theory

1/- A thorough understanding of the statement is required. Usually, when a quote is required to be analyzed, it is one that consists of two or more components. It could be a literary reference that actually encourages divergent views. Therefore, the critical lens quote, as it is commonly known, needs to be understood thoroughly, if you want to do justice to the critical lens essays that you write.

2/- The next important step that one needs to take is the actual writing of the essay. Remember, you first need to rewrite the quote in your own way so that you can indicate that you have understood it thoroughly. You need to reduce it into smaller portions so that the reader of the essay is able to see that you are capable of critical analysis of a statement.

3/- From this quote, it is now time to select a few phrases or words that can be critically examined. Make sure you understand these words thoroughly. If you try to pick words just because they sound like those that can be analyzed, it could land you in trouble. Once you have these words or phrases, find the right kind of backup or supporting quotes from other similar or classic works. Now, this could be quite a feat if you do not read at length. Get in touch with us if you are looking for the right kind of backup.

4/- The next part of the critical lens essay is to provide a more detailed explanation of the points that you would like to make. In other words, this section is a detailed explanation of what you have proposed in the earlier one. Make a point by point presentation with the relevant backup quotes and citations.

5/- Once you are through with this, tie up all the loose ends and reiterate the viewpoint that you made at the beginning. If you have a bit of very strong evidence, keep it for the end. It would give your evaluator cause to believe that you are on the right track. It would also try to get him or her to think from your perspective – a perspective that you have worked on right through the essay.

Write intelligent and pointed arguments in your critical lens essays and convince the reader that you know your topic right down to the very last detail. When you run up against a wall; give us a call!

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