ISB essay

ISB essay
ISB essay
Get some good professional tips from us when you have to work on ISB essays

Are you trying to get into a real good Business School? We know that this is a dream for many; follow our expert tips and you can make this a reality. The Indian School of Business is rated as one of the top B-schools not just in India, but also internationally. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a renowned faculty, this great institution has students queuing up to get into its hallowed portals. Therefore, learning to write the right kind of ISB essay is absolutely essential if you want to have the ISB seal on your resume.
Keep these points in mind when you need to write a good ISB admission essay or any othe MBA admission essay
1/- Sincerity

Before students begin their ISB essays it is necessary to understand that the admission panel can see through any essay, with ease. There is no way you can pull the wool over their eyes. It is therefore advisable not to take a chance and try to put on an act. Instead, you need to be as sincere as possible. Nobody is asking you to bare your soul about your first loves; you are required to tell the panel why you want to be in ISB. This is where complete truthfulness is absolutely essential. An MBA application essay is a testimony of your integrity.
2/- Statement of purpose

When you need to begin work on an ISB application essay, you will find that it is slightly different from writing an ordinary statement of purpose essay. When you apply to ISB, you need to remember that you wish to join a special breed of corporate personalities. Most ISB alumni have made a mark in their respective fields and hence the institution demands a very high level of commitment and integrity from potential students. Therefore, when you write your ISB essay, remember that it has to have a clear projection of the career goals that you have.
3/- Correctness and coherence

These are the two basic elements that every B-school application essay should contain. For instance, if you are quite certain that the corporate world is going to be your arena, you need to put this across in a coherent way. Also, it is necessary to put in facts about your capabilities, provided they are true and relevant to the present context. Do not make incoherent and disjointed statements; they would mislead the admission panel and also indicate that you are not a very logical thinker.
4/- Feet on the ground

There are many students who suddenly feel that they are capable of scaling the tallest peak in the Alps when they set out on an admission essay. This is a good feeling, provided you know where you are taking off from. You cannot afford to make tall promises when you really do not know how you are going to fulfill them. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground helps you get a clear perspective of things.

You could think of all these points when you write your admission essay to one of the world’s top B-schools. ISB essays are vetted by experts in the management and business fields; so keep your essay clear, simple and sincere.

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