Nurse essay

Nurse essay
Nurse essay
Writing nurse essays would be pointless if they did not contain updated info

Take some time to collect relevant and interesting information if you want your nurse essay to be a good one. Writing on any topic would be an easy and interesting task if you got into the groove of collecting information in a systematic way. This is where most students run aground. They start off the writing process without thinking of all the info and the kind of info that needs to be collected. This lands them in a bit of a soup, because they are not sure how to proceed.

Apart from the info that you collect for your essay on nurses, you also need to think of good topics to write on. Here are some suggestions that you could use for your nurse essays.
1/- Nursing as a career option

There are many who believe that nursing is a job that is tiresome and does not pay well. Probably a couple of years ago, this was the case. Things seemed to have changed now for the better. There are so many specialty hospitals opening up in cities today that there are more nurses required. What is more interesting is the fact that hospitals are on the lookout for nurses who have specialized training and skills. For instance, an orthopedic hospital would look for a nurse who has been trained in trauma care in addition to orthopedic care. Think about this as a topic for your essay on nurses.
2/- Nursing – a profession or a vocation?

There are very few nurses who look at nursing as a vocation. It is just another job that needs to be well paid. If you think that nurses should continue to play the part of Florence Nightingale, it is a little too much to expect in this day and age. Try to pick up some anecdotes that give both sides of the issue in your nurse essay.
3/- Are there sexism issues in the nursing field?

For a very long time, nursing has always been associated with the female sex. There are many who believe that it is one of the jobs that need to be relegated to women. This might sound like a sexist attitude; but unfortunately, it is a common one today. Your essay could examine this and come up with more information to prove that nursing does not necessarily have to be the domain of the female sex.
4/- Nursing care – the level of expertise required

Most nurses are given general nursing training before they are posted in a clinic or hospital. Very often, this is not enough at all. Nurses keep learning on the job, with patients as their unwilling guinea pigs. This could be a good topic for a nursing essay, provided you have the right kind of info to support the statements you make in your essay.

Whatever topic you choose for your nurse essays, make sure that it is relevant to the present day; unless you think of a historical perspective on nursing. We could help you with a lot of information and techniques in writing.

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