Othello essay

Othello essay
Othello essay
All Othello essays should extend beyond the play and focus on settings, themes and comparisons

Writing an academic paper on one of Shakespeare’s most well known tragedies could be a challenge if you don’t have good and proficient guidance. You can write an Othello essay as long as you have studied the play well and ensured that you have understood it in its entirety. This is possible only when you have read it or watched a good rendition of the play on stage. These are two sure ways you can find the best background information to write a refreshing essay on Othello.
Finding topics

This is the biggest challenge that students face today. Shakespeare wrote the play in the Elizabethan age when stage renditions were the only forms of art that appealed to the public. Today, one can read the play as a book or an e-book or watch adaptations of it on television or cinema. There are so many writers, directors and playwrights who have used the ideas and themes of Othello to come up with tragedies or stories of their own. If you could get in touch with us, we could help you find topics for an essay on Othello.
Here are some essay prompts that you could use for your Othello essays
1/- Sexual jealousy

Jealousy and anger are two negative emotions with disastrous consequences. Try to examine the depth of jealousy exhibited in the main characters of Shakespeare’s play, Othello. With relevant quotations from the play, try to illustrate the level of sexual jealousy and possessiveness that single out Othello as a passionate man.
2/- Submissiveness – is this a creditable ‘wifely quality?’

Desdemona is an epitome of submissiveness. She plays the part of a docile and subservient wife right through the play. It is with fearful amazement that she tries to deal with her husband’s passionate and jealous outbursts. Looking at this very dispassionately, try to imagine the trajectory the play would have followed, if Desdemona had been otherwise.
3/- A new setting for Othello

In this day and age of emerging sexual identity and freedom, reset the whole play in a new scenario. You could give Othello and Desdemona different family, social and educational backgrounds. Plan a detailed Othello essay on how emotions of love, hate and jealousy can cross barriers of age, time, setting and social background.
4/- Comparisons and evaluations

Do a study of a few other plays that have an Othello-like setting and theme. Try to compare and contrast these plays to emerge with a set of parameters that can help rate these plays. This would not be like writing a simple comparative essay. On the other hand, it would be more like assessing and evaluating the dramatic components of each play and then comparing them.

The four prompts given above are just few of the many that we could supply you with, when you need to write a few Othello essays. Do some homework of your own before you begin writing. Our writers are always available to give you the right kind of insights to develop an essay and come out with a good piece of academic writing.

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