A Christmas Carol essay

A Christmas Carol essay
A Christmas Carol essay
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When you work on A Christmas Carol essay, there are several themes that come to your mind. We can help you with any topic, depending on your academic level. An old miserly man, realizing the folly of his ways could sometimes make a very pathetic picture. Charles Dickens has portrayed with poignancy and tact, the hard realizations that hit this character and help him turn over a new leaf.

As you go through this article, you will come across a few ideas that could help you structure your essay well. If you are keen on getting more A Christmas Carol essay writing tips, please do write to us or give us a call. Our writers can help you bring life to an essay and ensure that you understand the complexities of the whole story.
Here are some topics and ideas for your essay
1/- A Christmas Carol – a window to society

You could think of a couple of A Christmas Carol essays or a series of essays on Dickens’ novel, with society as the focal point. Though Dickens has explored the various elements in society at a particular period of time, there is enough in the novel to apply it to present day society as well. There are hard-nosed capitalist characters on the one hand and the plain but more peaceful existence of lower middle class folk on the other. Dickens also portrays with dexterity, the idea that money cannot buy happiness. Your essay could be an exploration of Victorian society, which was the period in which the novel was set.
2/- The use of the supernatural in A Christmas Carol

The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future are the catalysts of the whole novel. It is through their intervention that Ebenezer Scrooge sees the light of day. It is a startling and stark way of showing a man the follies he has committed and the plight that he will be in, if he continues to do so. It is almost a ‘do or die’ situation for Scrooge who realizes that he is doomed to a life of loneliness and disgruntlement if he does not change. Your A Christmas Carol essay could comment on how Dickens has got his point across. The fear of the unknown and the supernatural seem to be the central point of the play.
3/- Redemption, hope and a happy ending

You could critique the novel or write an essay that examines the theme of redemption in this story. You could also explore the level of realism that exists in the novel and comment on Dickens’ view of hope and a happy ending. Most essays on A Christmas Carol focus on redemption – make yours different with insights from us.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has relevance in present day society too. With the help of our literary writers, your A Christmas Carol essays could be refreshingly different and highly insightful too. Whether you want a simple high school essay or a defining analytical paper on the novel, we can help you do it.

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