Death essay

Death essay
Death essay
Most death essays reflect on the inevitability of death; call us for other novel topics

Death might not be one of the most interesting topics to write on; but for a student it is necessary to practice as many topics as possible. Life, death, abortion, climate change, nursing, management… the list of possible topics is just endless. The point is to be able to write on just about anything without much difficulty. Therefore a death essay should be just as easy as writing an essay on your school, your best friend or any other simple topic.
You could think of these topics when you need to write an essay on death
1/- The cost of war is death

When there is a conflict between two or three groups of people; there are instances of innocent people caught in the crossfire. Some lose their lives, others their property and several others are affected indirectly. There is death everywhere; not just in the physical sense of the word, but in other terms as well. Natural resources are wiped out, the will of the people is battered and there is demise of trust and peace all around. You could even write a series of death essays on how every facet of life comes to a veritable standstill in times of war.
2/ Death of an offspring

It seems natural when parents and older people pass on; it is not the same when the person who dies is your son or daughter. One does not expect an offspring to pass on before they do. There is always the expectation that one’s children would live on long past the time a person dies. Therefore it is quite difficult to cope with this death. Bring into your essay some points on how people try all sorts of ways and means to cope with the death of one they have brought into this world.
3/- Face to face with death – the last days of a terminally ill man

This could be a topic for a reflective piece of writing. Faced with death and knowing that you will be around only for the next six months could be the most traumatic thing for a person to go through. Your death essay could pick out a relevant case study or two and study the ways in which terminally ill patients have coped with their impending deaths.
4/- Life and death

Though there are a million essays that have been written on life and death, there are still a few interesting and novel perspectives that you could bring into your essay. You could either approach the whole essay in a very philosophical way or you could make it into a humorous commentary on the precariousness of life. Either way, this could be a life and death essay that makes the reader want to read more such essays.

You don’t have to go into a tizzy wondering how you are going to face the prospect of writing death essays. It is not all that difficult a proposition when you have a professional writing firm like us to guide you.

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