Bad essay

Bad essay
Bad essay
Bad essays are characterized by incoherent writing, bad grammar and wrong formatting

One important aspect of essay writing is to learn how not to write a bad essay – this might sound a bit confusing; but true, nevertheless. Getting the right kind of instructions on essay writing can come only from a good professional writing firm with experience in student requirements. On this site, you will find enough examples and ideas to write a good essay; so there are no essays that can go bad when you associate with us!
Bad essay writing has the following features
1/- Incoherence

When you are working on a topic that you are not very familiar with, there is always the chance of rambling on and on. This is because you are not quite sure of what to include in the writing and hence make incoherent statements that have little or no relevance to your essay question or topic. So if you are going to be incoherent in your writing, you are on the way to producing not bad essays but the worst essays yet!
2/- Errors of grammar and syntax

Wrong words and phrases, spelling mistakes, syntactical errors – you name the mistake and it is there. Whether you have just a couple of mistakes or whole portions of them, it does not matter. It still indicates that it is a poor quality essay and merits no marks at all. There are only some errors that can be corrected; some sections would have to be rewritten. It is essential to keep in mind the fact that the more mistakes you have, the more difficult it is to make corrections.
3/- Formatting issues

Most essays are written in a format that has been specified by a teacher or guide. The issue of citation style is also another thing that one has to watch out for. Considering all this, a bad essay is one that does not adhere to formats and styles consistently. You might be asked to follow the MLA or APA style of citation. If you are not familiar with these styles, you could approach us for tips.
4/- Lack of focus

This is probably the easiest way of classifying an essay into good and bad. Very often the essay would start off well and then midway it would go completely off course. There are so many digressions and deviations from the main topic that the whole focus of the essay is lost.

Though there are only four points mentioned above, there are quite a few other factors that indicate whether an essay is good or bad. If you are in touch with our writers, there is no way you can get into the rut of writing bad essays. It is always good to go through our samples to understand how easy it is to write a good essay. All you need is a little bit of time to pick up the easy tips we have for you on this site. Also remember that is not an expensive proposition to take our help for your writing assignments. So call us as soon as you can.

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