Essays of Elia

Essays of Elia
Essays of Elia
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Commenting on the works of Charles Lamb would certainly be a painstaking task. With the variety of topics that Lamb has covered in his seminal work, Essays of Elia, it is difficult to write just one essay on the topic. Lamb has therefore the pride of place of being one of the best essayists of all time. These essays that he wrote began as a series in a magazine that became quite popular in the 1820s. it was then very rare to find a person who could continuously churn out stories, essays and anecdotes on ordinary topics in a different and refreshing way.

One therefore could not say that there is one Essay of Elia that is different and the best of the lot. Each of the essays has some aspect that makes it singularly appealing to the reader. It is no wonder that Charles Lamb continues to be high on the list of those who understand and appreciate well written essays.
About Charles Lamb

Since Charles Lamb’s Essays of Elia has become so famous, it would be interesting and relevant to know more about this great writer. Born in 1775 in London, UK, he is considered to be one of the stalwarts of English literary essay writing. His work appealed to most readers because it was so close to real life and did not at any point sound preachy or presumptuous. This was a great attribute at that time because; there were other writers who were not so sensitive. Though he wanted to be a good poet, he is better known for the essays that he wrote. He was an ardent fan of Shakespeare and believed that in order to understand and appreciate the works of the great Bard, it was better to read it, rather than have it performed in theatres.
Comparative studies

Another way of appreciating the literary value of Charles Lambs Essays of Elia is to try and compare it to the work of other great essayists like Hazlitt, for example. In case you attempt a comparative study, it would be necessary for you to go through the works of both these greats before making any kind of comparison or contrast. This is certainly not an easy task; so undertake it only if you have some help coming your way.
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