Essay on family

Essay on family
Essay on family
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Though there are a million things that we could say about families in general, it is a challenging task to write an essay on family life without any bias. This is because; as humans, we are subject to the ties and pulls of those we have been in touch with since our births. Our families mean so much to us that it could be difficult to take a stand on family-related issues, objectively.

You could check out these family essay topics that are fairly interesting. Of course, if you are not too happy about these topics, you can always get in touch with us for more
Family businesses

This could be a good topic for any of your essays on families. Though these seem to be going out of vogue today, there are still many big families that retain their family businesses even today. Take for instance the case of Lakshmi Mittal in the UK. Known to many as the Steel King and probably one of the few industrialists to venture into unchartered waters, Mittal would like his son to continue in his footsteps, thereby perpetuating the line of inheritance in his businesses as well. In India, there are many such family-run firms that continue in the same way for generations. These firms have their fair share of problems and there are many who believe that the level of professionalism is quite low – this is a matter of debate!
Behavioral problems in families

The generation gap that is so often the topic of discussion in many families could be the reasons for behavioral problems that occur among the various members of a family. For instance, ADHD is a common problem in young people today. The differences in ages and the lack of compatibility with parents could also be compelling reasons for such disorders. It would be interesting to go into this in depth and study the causes and effects of such problems in your essay on family life.
The disintegrating family unit

Children moving out of home, pressures in the workplace and parents trying desperately to hold on – these are some of the most commonplace occurrences in families today. There are so many cultural, social and economic problems that impact the health of a family unit. Your essay could be a comparative study of what the family was then and what it is now.
Marriage, divorce and families

Though these are topics that are often chosen for family essays, they still present wide ranging writing opportunities for students at college level. Instead of making a general commentary on these issues, your essay could be a study of one or two specific communities where divorce rates are high.
Famous families

This could be fairly interesting and would not call for too much preliminary work. The Kennedy, Ford and Gandhi families are just some of the families you could write about. Comment on their contribution to their countries and how their legacies live on.

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