International essay competition

International essay competition
International essay competition
A systematic approach is required for all international essay competitions

Taking part in an international essay competition could give you the heebie-jeebies if you are not prepared well. Some of our tips could help you reach the top. Apart from helping students with their research paper assignments, term papers and essays, we also give our student-clients quite a few useful tips that could help them manage extremely well in competition conditions. This is because we are fully aware that this is quite different from writing a normal essay assignment.
The time factor

When you are given an essay that is to be done as an assignment, you normally have either a couple of hours or a few days to complete the same. You could also take time to collect information and then put the whole thing together in order to come out with a well structured piece of writing. in a completion, the situation is quite different. In some, you are given the topic or a choice of topics, long before the essay completion begins. In some contests the topic might be handed out to you minutes before you begin to write. Therefore, the time factor is important in all international essay competitions.
Learn how to win

Get to know the basics of essay writing if you want to ensure a place at the top in any international essay contest. This might sound easier said than done; but when you learn these steps in a systematic way, there is no way you can lose. So check out these simple steps first-
Understanding the topic

This is the very first step. Read it a couple of times till it sinks in. very often, students read the topic and begin writing, within seconds or even minutes of having read it. When they are two-thirds into the essay, they realize that their writing is not quite what it should be. They have deviated from the topic or much worse, they have been writing something that is in total contradiction to the main focus of the essay. So read and understand your topic or essay question well.
Make a good outline

This is in one technique that you need to master in an international essay competition. Without this, it could be quite tough to put across your thoughts on something, especially when you do not have much time to write the whole essay. As you read the essay question a couple of times, there could be a few things that flit through your mind; jot them down and use them in your outline. Since you might not have time to organize your outline, make sure you right it out in bullet points, fairly clearly.
Universal appeal

Since you are taking part in an international contest, it makes sense to include information that has a universal appeal. It does not matter which country you are from. All you need to do is remember that when you mention a fact, it should be easily understood by an evaluator in any part of the world. Do not put in localized info when you participate in international essay competitions. Get in touch with us for more tips on taking part in world-level essay competitions.

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