Famous essay

Famous essay
Famous essay
Write famous essays after you have ascertained all the facts

Who would not like to be famous? Even it if is for a few seconds or minutes, fame is one attribute that people could even die for. It is simply amazing to see the extents that people can go to, to become famous in something or the other. Writing a famous essay might not sound like a very difficult thing to do; but there is no doubt that you need to use the right tone and diction while describing the event, person or thing.
Writing famous people essays

When you are writing about a person and his life, it is not necessary that you write about someone who has an exemplary character. You could choose write about a notorious person as well. For instance, it would be quite interesting to read famous essays on people like Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and Pol Pot. These are all people who become famous, or should we say infamous, because of their thoughts, words and actions. They personified the evil of mankind and proved to the rest of the world that humans are capable of mass destruction to life and property.

When you write such an essay follow these steps –

- describe the person in a very unbiased and straightforward way.

- mention his attributes – both good and bad

- discuss his achievements or otherwise

- explain how the person has made a change to the place or places he has lived in

- the major events that have taken place during the lifetime of the person
Writing famous catastrophe essays

When you write a famous essay on some kind of catastrophe or disaster, you need to keep in mind whether you are talking about one that is natural or man-made. Either way, keep these following steps in your thoughts so that your essay is well structured

- describe the event completely with relevant dates

- make sure you have all the relevant facts about the event – do your homework well

- do not make judgments on the event unless the essay question demands it

- describe the fallout of the happening in as much detail as possible

- suggest the way forward for people who have been victims of the disaster

Writing on famous people, happenings and other events sometimes puts you into a precarious position. This is because; there is always the tendency to get drawn into what happens and feel a part of the whole occurrence. This might lead to a bit of bias while writing. It is best to avoid this kind of thing in your essay. Also remember that most of these essays are expository in nature. There is very little chance for you to give an opinion; so give it only when you are asked for it.

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