Personal essay

Personal essay
Personal essay
Put your thoughts across as clearly as possible in your personal essays

When you are trying to get into a college or school of your choice, writing a personal essay is a must. This is also referred to as a personal statement essay or a statement of purpose essay. In essence, it is an essay that describes in detail the reasons why you want to join a particular college or university and pursue a specific path of education.

You need to take the time to express the ways in which you intend pursuing your goals. It is certainly not easy to put pen to paper when the subject of your essay is the career that you eventually would like taking up. Instead of banging your head on the wall, thinking of the right things to say or write, the best thing would be to go through these essay tips.

This writing firm has been helping quite a few students from all over the world to prepare for entrance into higher education institutions. Use these tips and excel in the same way that our student-customers have, by writing good personal essays –

1/- First jot down all the points that you want to put into this particular piece of writing. This is not an outline and so it does not have to be logically arranged.

2/- Try to make a small table with no more than four or five headings or columns. You could place these in each of the columns

(a) What I am capable of doing?

(b) What I want to be – short term and long term

(c) The methods I can use to achieve my goals

(d) How studying in the college or university is vital to the achievement of my goals

3/- When you write, there should be an air of quiet confidence that you exhibit. Do not sound like you are desperate, even if that is what you really are! Take a cue from our examples.
Before you write the essay, think of these points; it could help you prepare –

1/- Practice a few writing tasks.

2/- Read a few examples that are on this site. This will give you the right tone and diction.

3/- Keep your head as cool as possible by not getting into an argument, before you begin your personal essay.

4/- Do not read books, articles or any other kind of writing that could cloud your judgment on important issues.

5/- Try to write this essay when you are in a relaxed mood. Do not leave it right to the very end when you don’t have to the time. This is one of the mistakes that students make quite often. There is the tendency to put away for tomorrow what can be done today. This is pure and simple procrastination – something you should never fall a prey to.

So the next time you have the task of writing personal essays for submission to colleges or universities, take time to collect your thoughts. It is important that you write your essay after a lot of contemplation.

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