Film essay

Film essay
Film essay
Write film essays that focus on various aspects of film making

Writing a film essay can never be a boring task. There is so much in one film that you can talk or write about; it is a wonder how you can really stop! Sometimes, it is this wide choice of topics that makes you speculate on what to write on. Therefore, if you are in a quandary wondering what would be a good topic for an essay on films, just get in touch with our writers and we will help you out.
Go through these topics first; if you need a wider choice, just give us a call

1/- A film review. You could do a series of reviews or film essays on a couple of films that belong to the same genre. Here, you need to be clear on the genre that you are going to choose. For instance, there have been quite a few science fiction movies that have been released in the last couple of years. Star Wars, Alien vs. Predator, Terminator and Robocop are just some that boast of extraordinary special effects and unbelievable events. Your essay could explore the dependence on technology and also examine the sway that these movies have had on their audiences.

2/- Cartoon Films. These are no longer the Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo types of movies. There are a lot of animated films that have been made in the recent past which tend to target a much older audience. For instance, Madagascar and Ice Age are two movies that are certainly not suited for 6 year olds. Your film essay could trace the evolution of the animated movie and comment on how it has traversed from mere cartoon antics to animated beings with messages that are profound too.

3/- The lives of technicians in the making of a film. Very often technicians are either sidelined or completely left out when it comes to giving credit for the excellence of a film. The red carpet at Cannes or the Oscars are rolled out mainly for the stars, the directors and of course the producers. The people who work tirelessly behind the scenes are a forgotten lot and it is difficult to understand the level of their commitment because nothing much is reported about them. When you are writing an essay on a film, it is also essential to recognize the roles that these technicians have played. You could describe the life of a light-man or a camera-boy or sound-technician who does his bit to make the tinsel world come alive.

Make sure that your essays on films describe the topic in detail. Since there are many aspects to films and film making, it would be better if you do not write it as a general essay. Try to specify the aspect of films you want to comment on and then go ahead and write film essays that are refreshingly different. If there are some general ideas for these essays in your mind, please share them with us. We can work on these ideas and give you back some topics that would be exciting to work on.

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