Write an essay

Write an essay
Write an essay
If you can write essays on various topics, you have mastered essay writing

If you are a student in college, pursuing a degree in literature, economics, physics or any other subject, writing an essay would be a regular assignment for you. You would have to work on the basics of essay writing and ensure that you are fully conversant with all the essay rubrics and other important tips that ensure you can write an essay well. As you go along your course, you will find that essay writing can be a good form of expression. Of course, you cannot always project your views as the best views possible. You need to examine all viewpoints, facts and notions, before you commit on your stand. This is what good essay writing is all about.
Writing on controversial issues

When you are asked to write essays on subjects that are controversial, here are a few tips that could help you out. You might be asked to comment on the views of teenagers today on the issue of gay marriages. This is a fairly contentious topic and should be handled with maturity and skill. Look at some of these points that you could put into such an essay

1/- First present the background of the issue in as objective a way as possible.

2/- Trace the evolution of homosexuality and also comment on how it is not something that is alien to man, a couple of centuries ago.

3/- Once you have done the background study, you could proceed to describe and discuss the social acceptability issues that surround this incredibly controversial topic. Present as many perspectives as you can and try to back it up with substantial information that is obtained from creditable sources.

4/- You could conclude your essay by bringing in information on the legality of the issue and the ethical implications as well.
Writing a descriptive essay

Describing an event, a process, a book or a person calls for an in-depth study of your subject at hand. You could write an essay on anything provided you have spent a considerable amount of time, trying to study the nuances of the whole subject or issue. Follow these steps when you write a descriptive essay

1/- First introduce your subject. Do not take your reader for granted and begin your essay presuming that your reader is aware of the nature of your subject.

2/- Describe the various characteristics of your subject and make sure your reader understands it in its entirety.

3/- Educate the reader on various limitations, drawbacks or negative points that are attributed to your subject.

4/- Your conclusion should contain your assessment and evaluation or your notions of the subject. This should also indicate that you have completely understood the topic and hence are able to evaluate it objectively.

When you are asked to write essays on various subjects, remember that you are not alone in having to describe issues that you do not know much about. All you have to do is to approach us for help in deciding on the topic, presenting perspectives, drawing conclusions and much more.

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