Good critique essays are perceptive and balanced

Good critique essays are perceptive and balanced
Good critique essays are perceptive and balanced
many perspectives that you could focus on in your essay. Therefore, do not presume that you can write an essay without going through the entire piece and finding out how to put ideas across. Also remember that there could be a million other views or perspectives on the same issue that are not in conformity with yours. Take into account as many viewpoints as you can get hold of, before you decide on making statements on a particular book, movie, person or any other issue.

Learning how to write a critique essay could be quite challenging if you are not in the habit of reading with a perceptive eye. Of course, we do agree that it is not essential to read everything that you lay your eyes on, with a critical view. You need to do that only when you know you have to evaluate what you are reading; keeping in mind a few essay critique guidelines that are widely accepted. Helping you write critique essays gives us a lot of insight into the essay rubrics and standards that are expected at various academic levels today.
These are the four important points that you need to bear in mind while critiquing a piece of writing

1/- Content. Go through the content of what you are about to critique. Make sure that the content is relevant to the topic and that there is not much deviation from the same. This should include the whole piece of writing. Is there clarity in what you are reading? Are the arguments that are presented, in line with the topic or are they going off at a tangent? Are the examples, case studies and other anecdotes in line with the main topic or sub-topics, if any?

2/- Technique. This is synonymous with the writing style that has been adopted. Your critique essay should be able to comment on the style that pervades the entire paper. One cannot start on a jocular note and then go on to becoming a morose statement, full of morbidity and dark philosophy. This would be contrasting styles of writing in the same essay and hence cannot be accepted.

3/- Organization. Structuring the essay the right way – this is a point that you need to check out when you critique an essay. Has the intro been written appropriately and does it flow seamlessly into the next paragraph? Does the whole essay wend its way towards the conclusion in a logical way?

4/- Grammar and form. Making statements that are not grammatically right could indicate that the writer is not familiar with essay writing basics; so make sure that the grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax are right in all respects.

If you are able to take these four main points into the critique essays you write, you are sure to cover the whole gamut of issues that are present in any piece of writing. Talk to our writers and find out whether your methods of critiquing are correct and effective.

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