Your leadership essays need to be thought provoking

Your leadership essays need to be thought provoking
Your leadership essays need to be thought provoking
Writing a leadership essay should be an uplifting experience. The lives of leaders and their exemplary qualities should form the basis of your essay. It is necessary to understand how leaders reach the top and continue to stay there. This could be a commentary on the life of a great leader or it could be a general essay that talks about the qualities or attributes of leaders in general. Either way, we could help you understand how to take this essay forward by giving you useful tips on leadership essays.

Most good leadership essays begin with a quote on the general traits of a good leader. Shiv Khera, a person known for his motivational writings and speeches has spoken at great length on how some become leaders and some don’t. Winners, he says, don’t do different things, they do things differently! The same can be applied to leaders as well. If you want to prove that you can lead a team of people to achieve a particular task it means that you have thought of an innovative way to accomplish the same task. You are not going to depend on the age old tactics that your predecessors have exhibited. The problem is the same; but the solution and its application are different.
Some topics that you could use for your essay on leadership
Resourcefulness. If there is one word that can be put in the place of leadership, it is this word – resourcefulness. Give him a problem and he will find a way out of it. This is the common thing that people say when you ask them to describe a good team leader. He is able to make use of the available resources and find a way out that is not just temporary, but quite permanent. The level of confidence that he exhibits in his ability to solve the issue is enough to inspire his teammates to understand, accept and follow his example. This will establish him as a leader for quite some time.
Leadership and gender. In today’s world where gender is an issue in many forums, it is important to understand the sexless nature of leadership. Unfortunately, there is still quite a lot of gender bias in many organizations, leading to unpleasantness and lack of optimization of human resources. This could lead to serious situations, where the entire success and future of an organization is in grave
Leaders and families. Can there be a leader in a family? This is a highly debatable issue, but an interesting one, nevertheless. Write your leadership essay with the modern family in mind, where feudalism does not have much of a chance. Balanced interactions and relationships are the hallmarks of united families. You could explore whether or not there really could be one person who plays the part of a leader. It would be a good social issue to examine.

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