Good business school essays demonstrate your sincerity

Good business school essays demonstrate your sincerity
Good business school essays demonstrate your sincerity
Writing a good business school essay is essential if you are looking forward to a corporate career. With more young people opting for corporate careers, business schools are becoming quite selective in taking in prospective students. Though there are quite a few business schools that students could apply to, there are only a few select ones that are favored by the student community. Therefore, the race to get into these favored few is always quite close. One needs to have excellent qualifications, such as a basic degree in business. Only then would it be possible for a student to register in a business school for a masters degree such as an MBA.

If you are keen on entering a business school that is known for its academic excellence and good placement records, writing a good admission essay for business school is necessary. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn the art of writing good business school essays that will secure your desired admission. Check out the following points that should find a place in your essay

1. The basic criteria. You need to be aware of the eligibility criteria of the business school you are applying to. Go through their prospectus or admissions brochure to find out the list of qualifications they expect you to have. For instance, when you apply for an MBA, the business school specifies that you first complete a three year undergrad course in business. Of course, there are always relaxations to the rules. One could also do an engineering degree and go in for an MBA. Make sure you fulfill the basic criteria before you apply.Once you realize that you have the necessary qualifications, make sure you mention in it in the essay in a very subtle way. Do not keep harping on the fact that you are qualified and hence you need admission. You must not forget that nearly 99% of the student community fulfills the required eligibility criteria!

2. The ‘why’ factor. Now go into the details of why you wish to join this particular business school. Every good business school admission essay conveys the reasons why a student opts for a degree in business. It is not because it is one of the more popular courses available; it is not because most of his friends have opted for it; it should be a better reason. He should feel that he has a calling in business and that he will be able to excel if he completes a degree from a particular business school.

3. The ‘how’ factor. Your business school essay should indicate how you will achieve your goals with the help of this degree. It should be convincing and above all realistic. Don’t make very tall promises. Admission authorities are experienced and can understand a prospective quite well through the admission essay that he writes.

If you are not very confident of the business school essays that you could possibly write, give us a call for more ideas on presentation and content. We will be happy to help you achieve your goal.

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