Historical essay

Historical essay
Historical essay
Writing about historical facts could be a challenge as well as an interesting prospect. Every issue or phenomenon that we study about has a historical angle that we need to know about in order to understand it in its entirety. Therefore, writing a historical essay could take up a lot of time, effort and money as well.

The elements that need to be included in an essay that examines a historical angle

1. Understanding the topic is of paramount importance. For instance, let us imagine that the topic of the essay is the Arab-Israeli conflict. If you are asked to write a political commentary on the whole issue it would be entirely different from an essay that looks at the historical angle of the problem. Therefore, understand the topic and examine the essay question first. Then it would be relatively easy to structure an outline for this essay on history.
2. Get to know more about the related events at the same period of history. Taking the same example that was mentioned in the earlier point; you could write a history essay that focuses on the other allied issues of the same conflict. The role of neighboring countries and other superpowers could also be examined in this kind of essay writing. There is so much at stake in the conflict that you are describing that it would be relevant to talk about the part played by the various stakeholders – the developing world, the people living in the disputed area, the leaders of the warring countries and the world at large.
3. You could write historical essays on specific regions of the world. For instance, the history of a country like India which is supposed to be well known for its intricate rock carvings and paintings. Your essay could concentrate on the little known facts of ancient history which are depicted through various works of art. The Ajanta and Ellora caves or the ruins of Hampi could be studied to understand the kind of life that people lived a couple of hundred years ago.
4. A historical essay could also focus on the past history of a present problem. Take for example the gender issue which seems to surface in practically every known civilization today. You could examine the plight of women who need to live with the fanatical tenets of the Taliban and the historical context of this kind of subjugation. This would make an interesting essay from the point of view of history as well as social structure. You would have to look at the issue from various angles and ensure that as many perspectives as possible have found their way into your essay.

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