Interview Essay

Interview Essay
Interview Essay
Interview essays need to be well structured and informative

An interview could be a harrowing experience if you are not prepared or attending one for the first time. However, there is a situation wherein you could be the interviewer; this is if you are doing an interview essay as part of a study on a particular topic. It is a test of sheer will power because more than testing your knowledge on a particular subject, it tests your ability to scrutinize people you have never met. Therefore, if you are asked to write such an essay, it would be relevant for you to bring in all the points about the proposed interview.

It also depends on whom the intended reader is going to be. If you are writing an essay as part of an essay writing contest, the contents would be of one particular category. On the other hand, you could write a very lively account of an imaginary interview –this would be an entirely different category. Either way, make sure you make your essay as interesting as possible.

Look at some of these points; they could help you write better interview essays.

1. If you are supposed to conduct a series of interviews with different people or different groups of people, it would be relevant to make a list of the questions that you would like to ask. It could also form a good outline for your final student interview essay. Make sure that your essay does not read like an expansion of the questions that you have asked. Instead, it should draw on the answers provided by your interviewees and present the matter in a comprehensive and complete way. This would give the impression that you have fully understood the topic on which you are researching as well as the people who have given you their answers.

2. Set the tone of your essay by introducing it in a proper way. If you are going to write an essay on interviews in general, then mention this at the outset. This is to enable the reader to understand what you are really trying to get at. You could mention the general rules of decorum that you need to maintain if you are going to attend an interview. The commonly acceptable dress code and the way in which you address people on the panel, could all figure in your essay.

3. Your essay could also speak about admission interviews. There are many colleges that conduct interviews for prospective students. Though they are quite satisfied with the academic performance of a particular student, they are eager to know what he or she is really like as a person. Only an interview that is conducted face-to-face can give a comprehensive idea of what the person is really like. This is totally different from the first point in this piece of writing where an interview essay is one that talks about how a student could conduct an interview.

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