College Application Essay Prompt

College Application Essay Prompt
College Application Essay Prompt
Understand college application essay prompts before you begin writing

It would be disastrous for any student to write an essay without understanding the college application essay prompt that he is given, in its entirety. The prompt is sometimes in the form of a statement or a question and a student is asked to give his own perspective. This is where the problem lies. Very often a student wonders how to approach the question, because he might not have a stand or a perspective about a particular issue. At this point, it is necessary for him to understand the question from all angles.

These tips could help you deal with college application essay prompts in a better way
Outline. Let us imagine that you have a prompt like this: Is there any one person who has influenced your life to a very large extent? If so, describe how and why you feel that your dependence on this person shapes the course of your life. This sounds like a fairly straightforward prompt. The first step in the essay writing process would be to make an outline of all that you want to say. Your outline should be as sequential as possible. Do remember that you have very limited time to put forward your ideas. Therefore, writing a good outline would make a lot of difference to the quality of your final presentation.
Reality. It is certainly not advisable to put in some lofty phrases and terms that seem to indicate that you are about to change the world! Well, in a way, we would all like to make a difference. The point is to be able to put this across in a way that sounds as realistic as possible. You cannot make any tall statements about what you are going to do without thinking about the way in which you can achieve it. For instance, if you are going to talk about enacting some law to change a situation, you could end up making a fool of yourself. Think of how you could do this. Instead of talking about this, mention a few ways in which you think this could be achieved over a specified period of time.
Language. Put your best food forward when you write an essay based on a college application essay prompt. It is important to understand that no admissions officer is keen on getting a lecture through your essay. Instead, it should be focused, simple and easy to understand. The only way you could achieve this is by using very simple language. Do not at any point in time make a statement in a roundabout way. It would indicate that you rely more on the language than on the idea that you want to convey. This surely does not place you at a high level in their estimation. So stay simple and get your message to the admission authorities clearly.

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