War essays – be as objective as you can

War essays – be as objective as you can
War essays – be as objective as you can
A war essay can be quite upsetting to write if you are the kind of person who empathizes with every single person in the world. Considering the fact that this is quite unlikely, it is possible that you could write a very discerning piece of writing in as objective a way as possible. Before you think of anything to write about, give a moment’s thought to the various factors that impact war in any given situation. This would be a good board to start your writing on; since this is a subject that affects not just people but entire countries too.

Some topics for war essays that you might wish to consider

Early war and its chief cause. Some of the earliest wars that have been fought on this planet could have been for survival. We have all heard of survival of the fittest and spoken about it at great length. Your essay could focus on how emerging colonies and settlements, resources were at a premium. It was therefore unlikely that without a skirmish, a battle and finally a war, no individual or group of people could survive. Write about survival as the main cause of war.

Wars for beliefs. The Crusades are some of the most gruesome times in the history of the world. This is was the time when Christians believed that they had to vanquish those who did not share their beliefs. Your essay could focus on the Crusades and also examine whether this trend continues even today. In the name of Jihad or a Holy War, there are ‘kafirs’ or infidels being wiped out. Unfortunately, these are innocent people who have no connection whatsoever with the war that is being fought. Examine the stakeholders in such a war, with the insight of a political observer. You could do this if you have the backing of our in-house writing experts who could give you new insights on Holy Wars and much more.

Weaponry proliferation. Your war essay could be a commentary on the proliferation of various kinds of weaponry in the world. Whether you are talking about the defence allocation in developing countries in the name of self preservation or the increase in the quantum of nuclear weapons, it is all in the same league. There is a massive deployment of weapons and force that make you think of all the disastrous effects that could overwhelm the whole of mankind in the event of a World War. This could be a reflective essay with major inputs and statistics of world arsenals too.

A world without war – a myth or a reality. This would be difficult to say unless you are able to give a very unbiased view of the world as it exists today with all its problems. Bring in the views of important people to make your war essays as interesting as possible. If you are wondering how you could do this on your own, remember that you are not alone and can find help here at very competitive rates.

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