Reflective essay topic

Reflective essay topic
Reflective essay topic
Writing on reflective essay topics requires clear thinking

If you have decided that you are going to write a couple of essays after choosing good topics, it means that you are quite confident about the rules of essay writing. One way of looking at the whole exercise is that you could write any kind of essay provided you include the basics of an essay – introduction, body of the essay and conclusion. The point is this: is essay writing this easy? Don’t you think it is difficult to find the right topic, for a start? Can you depend on someone to give you a topic when you need to know what your own capacity to write, really is? So, it boils down to one inescapable fact – you do need a good essay topic. If finding topics for general essays is a challenge, looking for a good reflective essay topic, is even more!

You could write reflective essays on any of the following -

1. A book that you have read in the recent past. A book like The Color Purple takes you into a world of racial bias, hate, incest and a lot of human vices. One wonders whether there could be any redemption for any of the characters in the book. Therefore, writing a reflective essay on a book should be more than just a mere review. You need to say how and why the book has left a mark on you. You could be either positively or negatively affected by it. Either way, you need to explain this quite clearly.

2. A personality. It would be good to write on reflective essay topics like this one – Is Osama bin Laden justified in his killing of innocent people? Does the end justify the means, at all times? This is yet another topic that calls for intense debate. There are different ways of perceiving what goes through the mind of a terrorist like bin Laden and his outfit, the Al Qaeda. You could adopt the standpoint of a psychologist who needs to look at the whole issue objectively and not emotionally. It is indeed a challenge to do this and you would need to have your history in place when you tackle such an essay.

3. An issue of importance. It is certainly necessary to be aware of an issue that is as hotly debated as gay rights. Your essay could adopt a particular viewpoint or it could be a reflection on the various views that are held by different groups of people on the issue. This could be a reflective essay topic that makes you come up with contemplations on the whole issue and a commentary on the state of things, if a suitable law is enacted.

We understand the quantum of effort, time and research that you need to put in, in order to ensure that you find good reflective essay topics. In order that these efforts are minimised and you do not waste time unnecessarily, we recommend that you use our services to help you find good topics. This is for reflective essays as well as all other kinds of writing.

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