GCSE essay

GCSE essay
GCSE essay
GCSE essays – understand the academic level

Any GCSE essay written in any subject needs to be viewed as a test of knowledge, understanding and application. This is because a GCSE examination is certainly not the same as a secondary school examination in another curriculum. There are a lot of features that set the GCSE apart from other exams in other countries. In order to main high levels of learning, skill and competence, the GCSE subject syllabuses have been designed, keeping in mind the needs of the present day world.

In order to understand the elements that these high level essays require, a simple but important example is explained here. This example has been chosen because of its relevance to present day politics and world issues. It has also been chosen to demonstrate how understanding and application are equally important in all GCSE essays.

An example – The Israeli-Arab conflict – is there a way forward?

In order to do complete justice to this essay, it is necessary to bring all the elements that are mentioned below:

1. The history of the conflict – not just in the recent twenty years, but the history of the issue that goes back to more than a century.
2. The geographical details of the area and why it is of strategic importance to all the parties concerned.
3. The cultural heritage of the various groups of people who are involved in the conflict and how this has shaped and contributed to the intensity of the same.
4. External influences of other countries like America. To what extent has the problem been aggravated or alleviated – commenting on the involvement of other states.
5. Relations with neighboring countries – does this have a bearing on the conflict? Is it true that countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE have played an intermediary role?
6. Leaders on both sides and their contributions. There have been important men like Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin who have played vital roles in the peace process. Discuss this.
7. Explanation of well thought out and well informed perspectives on the issue and supporting statements for the same.

When you have read the points mentioned below, you will notice that you cannot approach a GCSE essay as you would an ordinary school essay. This requires a lot of in-depth study and analysis on what needs to go in and how relevant the info is. For this, you need to ensure that you have studied the issue and also read about related issues, since your analysis is a vital part of the whole essay.

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