GRE essays – learn to think on your feet

GRE essays – learn to think on your feet
GRE essays – learn to think on your feet
Learning to write the perfect GRE essay is not a job that you accomplish overnight. It requires quite a few hours and days of practice and a big dose of commitment as well. Do not think that it is possible to go through a couple of topics on the net and then be able to write your essay without any hesitation. It involves a lot more than that.

How does a good reading habit help you at your GREs?

Knowledge, they say, is wealth. Nothing could be truer, especially when you are faced with the task of writing GRE essays. In the last couple of years, there have been so many advancements made possible by the advent of the internet. However, that seems to have taken the thrill or benefit of reading away from the modern student.

There are very few young men and women who want to make an effort to read and enhance their knowledge. They are not able to understand that in order to be good writers, it is necessary to be good readers first. You need to read extensively and absorb all that you read for recall at a later date. If you are not interested in doing this, you might as well memorize an essay and reproduce it at the GRE exam! So start reading, if you have not been doing so till now.

The polishing of your analytical skills

The GRE exams have two components, which are as follows

1) An essay where you present a viewpoint or perspective of a particular issue

2) An argument writing exercise, where your skills of critical appreciation are tested

If you read the two points mentioned above a couple of times, you will find that both the exercises require you to have a high level of analytical ability. It also means that you cannot afford to take the points made at face value. Instead, you have to think things through and try to analyse the question or the issue, without any prejudice or bias. If you are not in the habit of writing such argument essays or exercises, you might find the GRE essay quite challenging.

Find facts to support your arguments

If you are asked for your opinion on a very contentious issue, you will probably be tempted to take sides without going into whether or not you have any data to support your stand. Remember, all of us have stands on various issues. But, how many of us have tried to listen to the voice of reason when we take a stand on an issue? Not many of us, at all! In order to avoid any kind of controversial stand or statements, get into the habit of finding the right kind of facts to support your argument. Here again, you will be able to do this while writing your essay at the GRE examination, only when you are widely read and have a reasonable opinion on most issues.

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