Terrorism essays – fresh viewpoints are necessary

Terrorism essays – fresh viewpoints are necessary
Terrorism essays – fresh viewpoints are necessary
Working on a terrorism essay could involve a lot of research into the mindset of not just terrorists but also those who have been victims of terrorists too. In short, it is necessary to look at the subject of terrorism from a viewpoint that is both fresh as well as informed. It would not be right to make blanket statements that categorize a particular group or community of people as anti-social or terrorist elements.

Some of these terrorism related topics could set you thinking

1. Terrorism – does the end justify the means? One reads accounts of military brutality that leaves indelible scars on the psyche of the individual. Gang rapes by soldiers who were sent in to maintain ‘peace’ could shake the very foundations of the lives of many hapless victims. The question then is this: are they justified in turning to violence and insisting on killing those very soldiers in carefully planned terrorist attacks? Your essay could explore the minds of young men and women, traumatized on one side by the events in their lives and determined to make a difference, on the other.

2. Terrorism – the road to political supremacy. Your essay could examine the role played by fundamentalist groups in the recent past, who try to mark their territory through violent means. By causing the twin towers to collapse on 9/11, the Al Qaeda made an attempt to shake the very foundations of American democracy and try to leave a bad footprint. You could in fact attempt a series of terrorism essays that focus on the various stages in the attack. Examine the attitudes and beliefs of the masterminds behind the attack and try to arrive at an understanding of their deep-rooted hatred to everything American.

3. In support of terrorism. There are many countries today where democracy seems to have failed in many aspects. Where equality has been promised, there is a clear case of bias, leading to unrest, disappointment and a high level of disillusionment as well. There are many who believe that to galvanize a government into action, an attack of great proportions is the only answer. Sociologists and political analysts might like to theorize on the issue extensively; an effort that really leads nowhere. Your terrorism essay could examine the causes of homegrown terrorism and try to put forth measures that could mitigate the extent of frustration among affected people. It would be an essay with a different viewpoint that looks empathetically at the cause of the affected lot; but abjures violence too.

The three topics that have been briefly explained above could give you an idea of the kind of topics and ideas we could come up with. Your terrorism essays would be certainly different from those written by the rest of your class. Take some time off to talk to us and find out how we can help you write that exceptionally good essay. We are not in the business of providing the usual and the mundane. We are certainly interested in helping you reach a high level of excellence in this as well as other essays.

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