Essay banks – check before you use

Essay banks – check before you use
Essay banks – check before you use
Every writing service has an essay bank – the point is to be able to find a reliable and genuine one. Most of the time, firms offering writing help, claim that their essays are 100% original. Students are made to believe that there is nothing to fear while using them. Unfortunately, the student gets an idea of the so called originality of the essay only after he has submitted it. This is when he realizes that he has been taken for a ride because there is less than 20% of the essay that is unique. It is a case of old wine in new bottle and could simply be referred to as plagiarism!

Since we have been dealing with student writing services for a very long time, we understand the immense pressure that he or she is subject to. We would certainly not wish to add to it. As a writing company we strongly feel that in order to survive, transparency of operations is a must. This is what we practice at every level, in our organization.

In order to be absolutely sure about the genuineness of the essay, take a few of these precautions. They will definitely help you in the long run –
Contact details: with advancements in technology, it is easy to check the genuineness of the contact addresses that firms give. Call them up to see whether or not they really exist. If they do, then accessing their essay banks should not be a problem. If they fail at this test, then you can safely surmise that you have had a narrow escape. Who would like to buy an essay or use one from a service that does not really exist?
Free essays: if a firm claims that they have a certain number of essays that can be accessed without any charge, check it out thoroughly. Very often, there are quite a few strings attached. Sometimes, they ask you to contribute your own essay and then allow you to download one. In other cases, they make a free essay a part of a package. Buy two essays and get one free! There are so many tricks in the book that it is quite important for a student to understand how one can access an essay bank safely.
Pricing – the lower the price, the more skeptical you need to be! Sounds weird, doesn’t it; but this is true. Do you think that if you want a piece of quality writing, you could get it for as low a price as $5 a page? There are only two possibilities: either it is completely plagiarized or it has been written by a person who has no knowledge whatsoever about the topic. Either way you are going to face some real bad music in class, should you be shortsighted enough to submit it.

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