Creative essays – we can help you innovate

Creative essays – we can help you innovate
Creative essays – we can help you innovate
Writing a creative essay would be an uphill task if you have a topic that is dull, common and totally uninspiring. On the other hand, find a topic that is thought-provoking and all your creative antenna start perking up like never before. The problem here is that it is not always possible to have a good topic at hand. You might be forced to write on a topic that is so retro or monotonous that you feel like throwing in the towel and taking off to nowhere in particular! As professionals who have worked with students who have felt like this quite often, we try to make a difference by suggesting a few ways to write essays that are creative in every sense of the word.

How do you write in a creative way?

Since creative essays are high on the list of most professors, it is important for students to learn the art of putting a simple statement in as creatively a way as possible. Have you come across this sentence? The essayist says, ‘he paints a picture of complete melancholy in his poem.’ If you are a very practical person, you might wonder how a poet could ‘paint’ a picture, when all he is doing is writing a poem – nowhere near painting at all! This is a very simple example of creative writing. You are trying to express the mood of the poet and how by describing a scene, he is able to transport you to the place. The words are so real that you feel a part of the melancholic scene.

Does a creative essay have to use flowery phrases and difficult words?

No. This is a myth that many have accepted as gospel truth. There are quite a few students who feel that they can be considered creative only when they use incredibly complex words and phrases. Instead of doing this if you could put your thoughts across in a simple way, it is not only appealing to your professor, but also to other readers. If you are an avid reader, you will find that some of the most popular writers are those that follow rules of simple and clear-cut writing. Of course, this argument cannot be applied to the use of technical terms. If you are writing an essay in psychology for instance, you would have to make use of certain terminology, based on the topic you are focusing on.

Can you compromise on formatting when you work on creative writing?

Most certainly, not! Just because you claim to be creative and modern in your thought and word, it does not mean you can forego the principles of formatting and style. Remember the rules for citation at all times. We are always around, just in case these rules slip your mind.

Working on creative essays might make you feel like an important writer; but there is always the possibility of running out of ideas. Call us or mail us any time you feel like you are in a soup, desperate for a breath of fresh air – fresh ideas, we mean!

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