Dissertation proposal – make your intentions clear

Dissertation proposal – make your intentions clear
Dissertation proposal – make your intentions clear
A dissertation proposal is an indicator of what your dissertation is all about

If you are in the midst of preparing a dissertation proposal, it is evident that you have zoned in on the topic that you want to work on. Proposing to do something means that you intend doing something – this is exactly what a proposal is all about. When a student says that he proposes to carry out a study on the vulnerability of a particular species of fish, he is stating his intention to do a study. Therefore, the proposal or intention should give details of how he is going to do the particular study.

The basic elements that a dissertation proposal should contain

- A suitable title for your study. Remember that when you select a title it should be as explanatory as possible. At the same time, do not make your title very long. You should not have a reader wondering what exactly your dissertation is going to focus on.
- Have a proper intro to the study that you are going to carry out. Since your dissertation is going to be a detailed account of your research proceedings, the proposal should highlight the important parts of the process that you intend following.
- Make sure that there is a proper scholarly foundation for the study that you are going to embark on. No dissertation writing that follows extensive research can be done on a whim. One needs to have a theory upon which the whole study is founded. Proper theoretical concepts need to be the basis on which the whole study rests.
- Once you are confident about the theory that you are going to use, make sure you put down the aims and objectives of your study. Now, there is a significant difference between an aim and an objective. The former refers to your intention or purpose of study; the latter refers to your goal or immediate target. In chronological terms, the aim of a study has a longer duration than objectives. You realize a few objectives while pursuing the final aim of the study.
- Remember that all proposals have a format that is used in many educational institutions. There could be few differences in the format, but by and large the details given are the same. For instance, you need to mention your name, your supervisor’s name and any other number that has been assigned to you. Also mention the name or title of your dissertation and the date as well.
- With regard to the citation style, remember that you need to use the same style that you are going to use while writing your dissertation. Whether it is MLA or APA, it has to be consistently followed throughout your proposal and dissertation writing.http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2010/02/page/2/

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