Religion essay – tread carefully!

Religion essay – tread carefully!
Religion essay – tread carefully!
Writing a religion essay could be dicey – be sensitive at all times

Writing about a topic that is as debatable and controversial as religion, certainly calls for a lot of dexterity in thought. You need to deftly handle issues that people are bound to feel touchy about. How would you do this if you were not very sure about how write a proper essay? You might be going around trying to find the right words and phrases that would contribute to a well worded essay. It’s time now to learn the basics of a religion essay; continue reading.

Writing about different kinds of religion:

An essay that focuses on religion could be one that talks about the various predominant religions of the world. For instance, you could talk about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism or Buddhism. Your essay could include details of the origins of these religions and also give details about the countries and regions in which each religion in predominant. Including statistics of number of followers would also be relevant. This would be a good informative or descriptive essay as you are going into the general details of each religion from a very factual point of view.

Reflect on religious ideas:

If you are keen on doing some essay writing on different kinds of religion in order to compare doctrines and philosophies, it is important that you are well informed about the basics of writing a reflective essay. This is where the entire process of writing an essay is akin to walking on a tightrope. There is always the danger of falling off; maintaining a sense of balance is the most important of all issues. You cannot make a statement where you praise one religion and demean another. You would be getting into a very dangerous terrain, where your words would be construed as anti-religious propaganda. Therefore, in such a situation, a religion essay should be tackled properly.

Writing on inter-religious issues:

Since there are so many sects and sub-sects in each religion, it is a herculean task to establish a good relationship between people who belong to all these different groups. Writing about them in such a way that no religious sentiments are hurt, is one way to ensure that people of one particular faith have no problem in co-existing with the people of the other. Very often, one hears about inflammatory speeches and writing, which have succeeded in promoting hate and ill will among peoples of different religious groups. It is necessary for all essay writers to be aware of this danger and ensure that none of their writings ever cause disharmony between groups. Once a writer has achieved this, he has proved that he is capable of either being neutral or even promoting a feeling of good will towards all.

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