No essay outline – no proper paper

No essay outline – no proper paper
No essay outline – no proper paper
Try working without an essay outline and you will find yourself groping in the dark

Writing an essay could be a real harrowing experience, when you do not have a proper plan or outline. It is literally like looking for a way to reach the centre of a maze. It is not only confusing, but it is also a colossal waste of time; something that we could well do without! Though there are a lot of essay templates and essay patterns to help you in your essay writing work, it would be better to practice the habit of doing an essay outline before you set out.

The outline depends on the type of the essay:

If you have been asked by your teacher to do an argumentative essay on a topic that is quite debatable, you would have to make an outline that concerns the pros and cons of the issue. For instance, in the recent past, the issue of healthcare and the provision of the same by the state seems to have occupied news-time and people’s minds to quite an extent. Your teacher could ask you to do an essay on this and present viewpoints that have been published on the issue. The outline would also need to include case studies and arguments that are relevant to the issue. It could also allot some amount of space for the inclusion of statistics on the issue.

The academic level:

If the essay outline is being written by a school student in full or partial completion of a coursework, the segments on the plan or outline would be fairly simple. There will not be too much of discussion or analysis of the subject. On the other hand, if the student was in college or in a well renowned university, it is necessary for him to do a more detailed kind of essay. This would include all the facts on the issue and of course give relevant statistical information and other graphs, figures etc. which need to be included to give the essay more credibility.

Writing an outline for any essay becomes imperative at higher education level. If fact, there are colleges and universities who decline to go through the final essay if an outline has not already been submitted by the student. They are of the opinion that the student could have copied from a book or some other person. In a worse case scenario, he could even be accused of plagiarizing the entire essay.

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