Research well for an exploratory essay

Research well for an exploratory essay
Research well for an exploratory essay
Explore new ways of writing a good exploratory essay

Write an exploratory essay if you are keen on being in the same league as Christopher Columbus or Magellan. There are quite a few writers for whom, the thrill of the hunt is a lot more enjoyable than the prize at the end of it. Though, the great travellers were exhilarated when they found new land, there is no doubt that it was their eventful journeys that propelled them towards more expeditions. This is the same with writers of essays who want to explore the causes and investigate into the reasons why something has happened or bound to happen.

Features of an essay of exploratory nature:

1. To begin with, it is necessary for the writer to evince interest in a particular topic. There might be many topics and subjects that you read about; but there will be only a handful that you want to really explore. For instance, we hear about the growth and incidence of terrorism in various parts of the world. Some of us would like to know what or who causes the creation of a terrorist – delving into the psyche of this individual is both challenging and intriguing. With sufficient research, this could easily become the topic of an exploratory essay.

2. Once you are able to zone in on the subject of the essay, try to list out a few topics that you can write your essay on. Do you want to write about the mind of the terrorist from the point of view of a psychologist or would you like to do it as a sociologist – these are two possible perspectives.

3. Make sure you have an essay outline, as the next step. Unless you do this, logical progression will not be possible. You need to know in your mind, how your essay can flow from one step to another, in a logical fashion. Only a plan or an outline would help.

4. Armed with the outline, you can think of putting together a piece of writing based on the findings that you have made on the subject. You could list out the bits of evidence that you have collected. You could refer to the various writings and reports that have been done on the subject and incorporate into the essay that you write.

5. Towards the end of the writing, you need to present an unbiased summary of your findings. It is not the job of an essay writer of exploratory essays to come to certain conclusions. The purpose of the essay is to explore the facts and present them in as logical an order as possible.

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