List your chapters dissertation first

List your chapters dissertation first
List your chapters dissertation first
Make sure your chapters dissertation is in good order

If your chapters dissertation is done properly, there is no doubt that your dissertation will be accepted by your guide. Writing the outline for your dissertation or your essay is the key to ensuring that your thesis is accepted by the adjudicating authority. If you are a student at university, you will understand how important it is to ensure the quality of your thesis. Every student has to practise quite a lot in order to improve his dissertation writing. If he is lazy and finds that he would rather take life easy, student life would become well in a short period of time.

Why listing of chapters is important:

Listing out your chapters is a good way of ensuring that the final product is just what you expected. Let us look at the example of a thesis that could be written on this topic: Mountaineering hazards in the Himalayas. These are some of the chapters that you could think of including in your final work:

1. Preface

2. Introduction – this will give a brief description of what your thesis intends to focus upon

3. Background study – You could give a complete account of the area of study and the need for the such a study, too.

4. Main body of the dissertation: This could be further sub-divided into as many sub-sections as you deem fit. Given below are only some suggestions. You could think of adding to it too:

4.1 Himalayas – the challenge to all mountaineers

4.2 Specific problems encountered in the past

4.3 Precautions and plans of the present mountaineering group

4.4 Contingency planning by present group

5. Findings

6. Limitations of the study

7. Conclusions and Recommendataions

Another advantage of having your chapters dissertation in good order is that you can also budget for the time that your are going to spend on each of these chapters. This will give you an approximate idea of the time and working hours that are required to complete your dissertation.


Listing out the chapters also enables the researcher to have an idea of the kinds of sources that he needs to put into his work. For instance, in the example mentioned above, Chapter no. 4.2 concentrates on the problems encountered by mountaineers in the past. Since the researcher is aware that this has to be focused on, he would go to a library or browse the net for material on the mountaineering expeditions that were done in the past. He would also be aware of the amount of citation material that he should bring into his work.

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