The importance of a good outline essay

The importance of a good outline essay
The importance of a good outline essay
A good outline essay is the first step to a good essay

Writing a good outline essay is as important as working out the plan for your new enterprise. It could also be called the essay blueprint. You are in the process of planning all that you are going to include in the essay. In order to ensure that all the points are included, you plan how you are going to write out the entire matter that you have.

Basic points to be included in the outline:

1. Introduction
2. Developmental Context or Background Study
3. Main body of the essay – This could contain some of the sub topics that you want to include.
4. Discussions on the topic
5. Case studies and examples – if relevant
6. Suggestions or Recommendations
7. Conclusions

Some useful examples:

Let us imagine that you are doing an essay on Human Evolution. It is a topic that has been greatly researched and hence you would certainly have a lot of info on the topic to write about. First go through some of the suggested textbooks on the subject so that you are able to get a rough idea of what your essay should include. Then you could think of these points that should be included in your essay writing.

Similarly, if you are planning to do detailed essay writing on the marketing strategy that is to be followed by a firm, you would have to do an outline and mention all the points that you wish to include. You could think of the concept of brand management and other advertising strategies in your planning process. In order to ensure that the marketing gets off to a good start and produces results, you need to make sure that you have your contingency planning also well defined.

Practical difficulties:

Though it is certainly a good idea to have an outline essay, there is one problem that a writer is likely to face. As you begin writing the essay, it is possible that you suddenly realize that a particular section has to be included in it. However, you also know that this section has not been written or made note of. In such a situation, you should be able to incorporate the same into your essay, without any problem. In other words, your outline or sketch should provide for these kinds of eventualities, so that your teacher does not accuse you of digressing from the topic in any way.

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