What is a disseration – read on and find out!

What is a disseration – read on and find out!
What is a disseration – read on and find out!
Get good tips to answer the oft-repeated question: what is a dissertation?

When your teacher asks you, what is a dissertation, there is no necessity for you to look back blankly at him. If you are a person who is in habit of reading, then you will have an answer up your sleeve. All you need to think of is the kind of work that is put in by research scholars, as part of their degree or course. A dissertation is also called a thesis and is a piece of writing that examines a particular topic. You could write a dissertation on just about anything.

Characteristics of a dissertation:

Instead of going around in circles trying to figure out what is a dissertation, and what its basic features are, skim through these points:
A dissertation has a clear aim or an objective. You could do your thesis on a topic that is part of any subject. For instance, if you are a student of psychology, you could do a thesis on Learning Disabilities in children. This is would constitute a dissertation.
The dissertation on this problem in children could be examined from many angles. You could go into the socio-economic background of the children and make a comprehensive list of your findings.
You should be able to quantify and qualify all the data that you collect for your thesis. You will not be able to make use of the data so collected, if you do not put these into the right format. It is a good idea to make use of tabular columns, graphical representations, charts and other statistical formulations, to project your data clearly.
Once you have made your data clear, make sure that the info supports your findings. You need to point out here on what basis you claim that the data is relevant.
Your dissertation writing should also bring out the limitations of your study. Writing on a topic would be considered to be incomplete, if the writer does not showcase the areas in which the data does not support the thesis statement or objective of the dissertation.

Writing a dissertation on art:

In order to impress on the method of writing a thesis, the example of art is taken here. If you were to make a commentary on the contemporary art in America, you would have to present a lot of data about artists who have notable works in the last ten years. You will have to mention the kind of art that they do, the particular art form that they follow and the other impacting factors on their work. If you have made a list of all these things in your dissertation, it could be one that is worth reading.http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2010/01/page/3/

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