Properties of a College Essay

Properties of a College Essay
Properties of a College Essay
You already know that writing an essay will always be a significant part of learning. Since high school, you have been writing different types of essays from critical essays to descriptive essay, narrative articles to persuasive articles. Now that you are in college, the name takes a different form, it is now called college essay.

What is the main difference of a college essay from a middle school essay? Well if you are going to take a look at the structure, all essay types from grade school to PhD levels have the same parts. In this case, you will still need the introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. However, more is expected of you since you are now in a higher level of learning. Let us take a look at the parameters that I am talking about.
A college essay must have more meaningful topics. This time, you should concentration writing a good essay with a topic that is relevant, significant and interesting.
College essays also have strong thesis statement. Your thesis must be very assertive. It should reflect your overall view of the topic at hand.
Of course you know that the parts of the regular essay are still necessary so include these three parts mentioned above.
A good college essay cites its resource materials efficiently. You can use the APA format research paper, Harvard or MLA formats of citation.
Lastly, a college essay should be free form spelling, grammar, coherence and accuracy errors. Proofread your work.

Write a college essay by considering the factors presented. This way, you can compose an article that reflects your expertise as you are in a college level of education.

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