Research Paper Template

Research Paper Template
Research Paper Template
Do I need a research paper template? Well it will depend on your decision to use one or not. If you are going to write your first research paper, then I suggest you download some free research paper templates online. But in any case, you can make this article your reference because I will list down the same parts of a research paper template. You have an option to buy essays or term papers. But first take a look at the formatting style.

Abstract – this is a summary of your paper. You only need about 300 to 500 words to write the abstracts. Simply provide an overview of your paper.

Introduction – the background of the study. Write the main reason why you have selected the topic. Also, make sure to discuss the important of your subject and the possible benefits that you can get.

Literature review – a review of different research materials. The main reason to write this part is to make sure your topic is relevant.

Methodology – this part involves the explanation of how you were able to gather data. Also, you need to explain the research data analysis that you have used for the research. This information may involve highly technical math and statistics techniques.

Data Analysis and Results – obviously, this chapter provides the results of your analysis in numerical or tabulated form. In this section lies your total conclusion to the problem.

Conclusion – the last part of the paper. This is the summary of all the results of your analysis. It plays host to the answer to your problem statement. The hypothesis of the research is either accepted or rejected in this chapter.

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