Possible Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Possible Cause and Effect Essay Topics
Possible Cause and Effect Essay Topics
In order to write a good cause and effect essay, you need to have a talent in logical reasoning. Of course this is the key indicator that you can handle the arrangement of what the causes and the effects are in an argument. For a cause and effect essay topic, what are the possible genres of writing?

We will give you some cause and effect essay topics to write about before you write your research proposal. Take note that these are not your only options. If you have better ideas, you can also write about them.
The causes of global warming aside from human activities and industries.
Why kids of today’s generation are more likely to have shorter life expectancies.
The troubles of losing a Social Security ID.
Studying abroad in a non-English speaking nation.
Doing computer and internet transactions using a credit card.
The possible effects of a booming cell phone text industry.
The collapse of a health care system.
Possible effects of having a single Asian currency.
The devaluation of the dollar as the international money.
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