Critical Essay Writing Guide

Critical Essay Writing Guide
Critical Essay Writing Guide
There are some students who are not really familiar with the process of writing a critical essay. Of course each one of us has to start from scratch if we were to become experts in doing anything. Now that you have this article in front of you, you may learn a thing or two on what to do next in writing your first essay that criticizes another work.

A critical essay is actually an article that explains and discusses your personal outlook over another document. In this case, you are going to read another article and provide your thoughts and opinions about it. But to make thing fair, you should always bear in mind that criticizing is not always equivalent to dismissing another person’s opinion or finding every negative aspects of his arguments. Criticizing is a way to see whether you agree or disagree on a certain topic or idea. A critical essay is one of the Basic English essays required to students in high school and college.

So how do you write a critical essay?

First of all you need to read an essay reference that you wish to criticize. In your title, make sure that you have a certain specific goal in writing about at least one aspect of the paper. Be very specific with your intention. For example instead of having a title “Batman Begins”, you can have “The Plot Development in The Movie Batman Begins”.

Second, write your introduction with a thesis statement that readily tells how you feel about the criticized material. If you like the character development in a narrative essay, then you can establish it in your thesis statement by including specific details what you like about the characters.

Third, the body paragraphs and up to the conclusion should involve the presentation of supporting details and arguments why you establish a certain thesis statement in the introduction. Give examples or proofs leading to the confirmation of your thoughts.

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