MLA Research Paper Instructions

MLA Research Paper Instructions
MLA Research Paper Instructions
Understanding how to write a research paper is a big step to come up with reliable research results. The document plays an important role to get your research results disseminated o other people. But sometimes, you will also need to follow certain formats and structures according to the preference of the adviser. For an MLA research paper, you simply need to follow some instructions and make your research document more appealing. So what is an MLA format paper? Let me give you the technical characteristics that you should consider. Here is a list of properties.

You should include your name, professor’s name, subject and date of submission at the upper left corner of the first page.
The title of the research paper should be just below the date but it should be centered.
The opening sentence of the introduction should be catchy.
In text citations should be enclosed in quotation marks
After the closing quotation mark, put the author’s name together with the page number. Enclose the two details in parenthesis.
If you are going to use long quotations or what is called block quotation, indent it from the rest of the sentence lines and do not put quotation marks.
Put a title on your reference page named as Works Cited
Each entry of the bibliography page should have indented second lines.
Arrange the entries in alphabetical order.
When it comes to pagination, simply write your last name together with the corresponding page number.

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