Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuasive Research Paper Topics
Persuasive Research Paper Topics
Writing a research paper does not only mean that you are trying to look for new knowledge. When you have realized a certain set of new information from your researching, it does not necessarily follow that people will believe in it. You are also trying to convince the audiences that your results are credible and reliable. In the process of selecting persuasive research paper topics, the true essence of writing a thesis paper comes into place. Actually, you are not simply writing factual information but you also need to persuade your readers to accept what you have extracted from the research process. It may be difficult for a beginner to come up with good topics but let me give you a short list as dissertation ideas that you can consider.

The economic recession is due to the greedy attitude of financial institutions.
It is unethical to buy essay online.
It does not take a huge amount of capital to run a small internet business.
Humans are not the sole responsible for global warming.
Writing school essays are not effective mediums to develop the skills of students in terms of communication.
Oil companies prevent the development of “greener” energy source alternatives.
Abortion as a medical procedure should be legalized as a woman’s right.
Internet censorship will never be successful if implemented.
Mobile phones do not induce the development of cancer cells.
Eating fiber rich vegetables do not necessarily reduce health complications.

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