Middle School Essay Writing Prompts

Middle School Essay Writing Prompts
Middle School Essay Writing Prompts
The main objective of any essay writing prompt is to trigger the writer’s imagination and get them started. Middle school is the time when students get a lot of essay assignments on various topics. By writing a large amount of essays they learn to critically analyze themselves and their life as well as put down their thoughts to paper.

However, even the best writers sometimes get discouraged when they are assigned to write an essay. Middle school is not supposed to be the dreadful experience leaving only the dark memories. Therefore, making use of interesting middle school writing prompts is highly recommended to those finding it difficult to create a good essay.
The Advantages of Using Middle School Writing Prompts
You do not have to contrive a new topic; you are offered a range of them.
You can choose something which will arouse your interest.
You do not have to ask your parents or teachers for their help.
A good list of middle school writing prompts will necessarily contain a topic suitable for you.

So if you are not at all excited about writing your essays, look through the following middle school writing prompts to stir the blood!

1. What do you like/dislike about your school? Explain what you would change.

2. Should physical education courses be mandatory for all students?

3. Do students really need to learn foreign languages? Which languages would you recommend?

4. Why some students dislike attending classes?
Professions, skills and hobbies

1. What kind of job do you want to have? Give the reasons why.

2. Do you think a hobby can develop into a profession?

3. Give your reasons why some professions are more lucrative or bring higher pay packages.

4. Is college education necessary to succeed in life?

1. Review a movie. Give a summary of its plot, analyze the characters and provide your opinion.

2. What it takes to be a great newscaster? Compare several newscasters.

3. Do you go to amusement parks? Are the rides safe?

4. Are video games a decent entertainment? How they influence the young generation?
People and social life

1. Describe what friendship means to you. Why do people become friends?

2. Does leading an active social life have a bad influence on school performance?

3. Is ability to relate to others important for you?

4. Cover the role of marriage in the modern world. What do you think about it?
Favourite things and reflexive essays

1. Do you have a pet? Write about your pet.

2. Present a self-portrait. Don’t forget to list the vices along with your virtues.

3. Describe your most important personal accomplishment and how it has changed you.

4. Write about your favourite book or author.
If- topics

1. If you could fly, where would you go? How would you use this ability?

2. Do you think your life would be different if you were a billionaire?

3. What would you change about your life?http://www.masterpapers.com/blog/2009/06/

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