Four Basic Data Gathering Procedure Options

Four Basic Data Gathering Procedure Options
Four Basic Data Gathering Procedure Options
Some students are not aware of the fact that they need to know some data gathering procedure techniques when writing their research papers. Usually, they are simply concentrating on how to come with a good thesis statement, how to develop literature review or even how to cute reference materials. Let us now talk about the methods of data gathering since some research proposal examples do not even mention about this segment.

There are different ways for you to conduct data gathering procedures. Usually, these ways are related to the same processes in statistics. Dissertation research methods are almost always related to data gathering so you really need to learn how to acquire your data for analysis.

Data mining – this procedure involves the search for published data from reputable sources. The process is simpler than other techniques but you need to make sure that the data is up to date.
Interviewing o this data gathering procedure involves a certain amount of time and effort investment. However, you can maximize the data that you can acquire form each respondents because you will personally acquire data from them.
Depending on your research paper topics, you can conduct surveying. If you wish to gather quick and raw data, this is the best medium for you. Prepare a set of questionnaire and then have your respondents fill them out.
Lab experiments – this type of data gathering procedure is intended if you wish to have a control factor. You can then conduct lab experiments to gather raw data and then compare your results to a control measurement.

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